Chance to WIN Narnia-related Books by Will Vaus (Enter by 9/26)

Get a chance to win a copy of a Narnia-related book by Will Vaus, who is the special guest on the latest NarniaCast about The Voyage of the ‘Dawn Treader.’

 Winged Lion Press has provided two copies of The Hidden Story of Narnia and one copy of Speaking of Jack: A C.S. Lewis Discussion Guide for giveaway (listen to the current podcast to learn the books).

SpeakingJack-Narnia2Please note this contest is ONLY open to those living in the U.S. (sorry, but it’s the publisher who mails the prize and they set the limits). See complete rules below.

ALL YOU HAVE TO DO TO ENTER is simply leave a comment below about ANY fact about NARNIA that you know, or can find. Only enter ONCE.

Deadline to enter is Thursday, September 26th at 6 p.m. Eastern.

THREE random individuals from those who enter will be the winners! It will also be random as to which book you win. You will be notified by email, so leave an address you check frequently (it will be from lewisminute (at)


  • Only those living in the U.S. are eligible to win.
  • Prizes are promised by the publisher and are agreed to be given by them…so they determine how far they will mail a prize.
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  • Entries are assigned a number and a random number generator is used to pick the winners.

56 thoughts on “Chance to WIN Narnia-related Books by Will Vaus (Enter by 9/26)

  1. The lamp-post that Lucy saw when she first found Narnia was “planted” by Jadis – the evil Queen of Charn who had ripped an iron cross bar of a lamp-post in England and threw the bar at Aslan as he was singing Narnia into existence.

  2. C.s. lewis originally intended to revise the narnia books for accuracy.
    Also one of the first suggested title s for the horse and his boy was to narnia and the north !

  3. I love the entire cast of the Narnia books and I have seen all the movies as well. The character I like the best is Lucy and the part where she learns that even though she is not as pretty as Susan (in her eyes), she is beautiful in Aslan’s and everyone else’s view.

  4. A fact that makes me terribly sad is the Queen Susan chooses to not be a friend of Narnia at the end because she is too involved in thing of the world.

  5. during the second world war, CS Lewis took in children to get them away from the nazi air raids. He didn’t have any kids himself, so he found the best way to keep their minds occupied was to tell them stories. the opening of The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe was inspired by a very close resemblance to the children living with Lewis at the time who saw him as “an old professor”.

    Lewis wrote the Narnia stories as a tale of fantasy and adventure so the children could have something to take their minds away from the war-at-hand, while still adding the beliefs of Christianity through metaphors and different physical forms for different people or situations so a child could easily understand it, (i.e. Aslan – Jesus; Jadis – Lucifer; the Stone Table – Jesus dying and being raised again; Eustace as a dragon being turned back to human – not being able to truly have our sins forgiven without the help of Jesus Christ). In The Last Battle we see a depiction of what Lewis thinks Heavan will be like. In the book, Narnia falls into total darkness and is flooded and essentially destroyed, but through the doorway is a new, better Narnia where everyone can be happy without fear or pain as long as they believe in Narnia and Aslan. We see with Susan what happens when you deny Him, you cannot enter the new Narnia/Heaven. Writing it this way allowed the children to understand the importance of believing in Jesus and that no matter what bad things happen there is always a better place waiting for them.

  6. The Narnian world is only one world connected with many other worlds, including Earth. They are all connected together in the “Wood between the Worlds.”

  7. Digory uses the tree grown from the apple taken from Narnia to make a wardrobe, which he keeps in his home, and through which Lucy discovers Narnia.

  8. Ramandu is a star at rest and lives on the island at the edge of the world, aging backward until he is as old as the child born yesterday, when he will return to the sky. He informs Eustace that even our world a star is not a “huge ball of flaming gas” as that is only what a star is made of. ~ Beautiful~

  9. C.S. Lewis got the inspiration for the Lion, Witch, and Wardrobe through dreams involving a fawn in winter and a great lion.

  10. Narnia fact: Prior to writing ‘The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe,’ C. S. Lewis had been having dreams about lions.

  11. There are at least three different orders in which to read the books: Publication Order, Chronological Order, or Written Order.

  12. Children in Calormen are brought up to tell stories just as English children are taught to write essays. The difference is that people rather like to hear the stories, whereas [no one likes} to read the essays.

  13. C.S. Lewis became close friends with J. R. R. Tolkein and were both part of the Inklings, which was an Oxford literary group that encouraged fantasy writing.

  14. Narnia fact: Once a king or queen of Narnia, always a king or queen of Narnia!.
    Another fact: I love these stories.

  15. I would have loved to be there when Aslan sang the world into existence! And Aslan said “the song with which I called it into life still hangs in the air and rumbles in the ground.”

  16. C. S. Lewis may have taken the name from the Italian town of Narni, whose Latin name was in fact Narnia. The official reading order of the Chronicles of Narnia is ‘The Magician’s Nephew’, ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’, ”The Horse and His Boy ‘, ’Prince Caspian: The Return to Narnia’, ‘The Voyage of the Dawn Treader’, ’The Silver Chair’, and lastly, ’The Last Battle’.

  17. Time is different in Narnia. One year in our world may be minutes, or may be hundreds of years in Narnia. (hence why the Pevensies jump around from the beginning of Narnia to the very end)

  18. Cor (Shasta) and Aravis were married because they were so used to quarreling and making up again, they decided to do it more conveniently!

  19. Infants in our world only go to Narnia when something it’s wrong. And Narnia continues being amazing in the rest of the time. Things don’t happen twice in the same way.

  20. I so wished that the older ones were getting to old to keep moving with the story, but the youngest can keep the story going. I enjoy them all.

  21. In The Horse and His Boy. There was only one lion. It was Aslan that brought Shasta Aravis Bree and Hwin together. It was Aslan that slept at Shasta’s back during the night at the tombs. And Aslan who chased them the last stretch so Shasta could reach king lune in time.
    Also in Illinois about 30 miles outside Chicago there is a property in tribute to c.s. Lewis and Narnia. There is a statue of Aslan at the gates. From the gates we could see statues of other characters from all the stories. In recent years they have open the property and now allow banquets and weddings. But I remember going there as a child in search for the white stag (as we were told there had been sightings of one near the property) and wishing there was magic there to take us into the world of Narnia.

  22. Reading the books in the order they were released by C.S. Lewis originally is MUCH more riveting than the new order that the publisher is now releasing!

  23. Originally The Chronicles of Narnia were a trilogy: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Prince Caspian, and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Have you ever noticed that VDT has a bit of finality to it at the end?

  24. Narnia fact: When Jadis ate the apple from the tree that Digory got the apple from, she began more pale and miserable because she had climbed over the wall instead of going through the gate.

  25. The subtitle of Prince Caspian is “Return to Narnia”!

    (I have both these books, so if I win I will donate them to my church library 🙂

  26. Queen Jadis brought a lantern piece into Narnia and threw it at Aslan as he was creating Narnia. It fell into the ground and grew into the lamp-post.

  27. The contest is over now.
    Don’t worry if you didn’t see your post listed here to enter. We still got it and I’m not sure why all the entries didn’t show.

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