Chance to WIN The Narnia Code

The Narnia CodeWe’re giving away two copies of The Narnia Code by Dr. Michael Ward (courtesy of Tyndale House Publishers). This book is adapted from Dr. Ward’s more scholarly work called Planet Narnia. In both books he explores how Lewis might have secretly used the medieval model of the universe to help create the world of Narnia.

Again, the version we are giving away is the “general public” adaptation Dr. Ward wrote entitled The Narnia Code.

Please note this contest is ONLY open to those living in the U.S. (Sorry, but it’s the publisher who mails the prize and they set the limits). See complete rules below.

ALL YOU HAVE TO DO TO ENTER is simply leave a comment below about ANY fact about C.S. Lewis that is NOT related to Narnia! If you need help, visit C.S. Lewis Facts on Twitter. Also, only enter ONCE.

Deadline to enter is Thursday, October 10th at 6 p.m. Eastern.

The winners will be TWO random chosen individuals selected from those who enter. They will be notified by email, so leave an address you check frequently (it will be from lewisminute (at)


  • Only those living in the U.S. are eligible to win.
  • Enter only ONCE.
  • Prizes are promised by the publisher and are agreed to be given by them…so they determine how far they will mail a prize.
  • If you are one of the random winners you must reply within 48 hours of notification or another person will be selected (email will come from lewisminute (at)
  • Entries are assigned a number and a random number generator is used to pick the winners.

44 thoughts on “Chance to WIN The Narnia Code

  1. C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien (creator of the Lord of the Rings) met at Oxford and were good friends.

  2. When Lewis was three years-old (1902), he told his parents he wanted to be called “Jacksie.” It was later shortened to “Jack.'”

  3. C.S. Lewis officially finally decided to accept Christ & become a christian on the way to the zoo.
    Also, his stepson, Douglas Gresham, was the co-producer of the film adaptations of the Chronicles of Narnia.

  4. A fact I think is kind of cute: He said that for some part of his life he was searching for a “joy”, and when he finally got married, he married a woman named Joy 🙂

  5. C.S. Lewis was asked to do radio broadcasts during World War II, these were later published as one of his most well-known books, Mere Christianity.

  6. C.S. Lewis graduated from Oxford University with a focus on literature and classic philosophy.

  7. Clive Staples Lewis, or Jack Lewis, as he was called by his friends, was born in Belfast, Ireland (now Northern Ireland) on November 29, 1898.

  8. C.S. Lewis was part of a group called, “The Inklings,” an informal collective of writers and intellectuals that eventually inspired him to re-embrace the Christian faith.

  9. The character Treebeard from J.R.R. Tolkien’s series “The Lord of the Rings” was inspired by C.S. Lewis. From the Ent’s speech pattern all the way to specific aspects of his personality (a loud voice, a powerful stride, and an overwhelming presence upon him entering the room), all of it was formulated because of Lewis.

  10. C.S. Lewis loved the sea and was very fond of spending the day reading in a place where he could see the sea…

    (This is me) Love him for that, he was so awesome… 🙂

  11. Originally an unsigned review, C.S. Lewis’s views on The Hobbit was published on October 2nd, 1937 in The Times Literary Supplement.

  12. C.S. Lewis died the same day that President Kennedy was assassinated, November 22, 1963.

  13. The year was 1951, and England was embroiled in a bitter general election campaign. Six years earlier the Conservative Party of Winston Churchill had been thrown out of power. Now the same party, still led by the same indomitable Churchill, was attempting a comeback. The conventional wisdom was that the attempt would fail. The conventional wisdom was wrong. Voters went to the polls on October 25, and the next morning the whole world knew that the the Conservative Party had recaptured control of Parliament and Churchill had regained the post of Prime Minister.

    Within a few weeks of the change of power, Churchill’s office sent a letter to C. S. Lewis, inviting him to receive the honorary title “Commander of the British Empire.” One can only guess what Lewis thought when he first read the letter, but one suspects that he appreciated it, for he greatly admired Churchill.1

  14. C.S. Lewis was a member of an Oxford literary group called, the “Inklings”, along with J.R.R. Tolkien

  15. Lewis graduated from Oxford University with a focus on literature and classic philosophy, and in 1925 was awarded a fellowship teaching position at Magdalen College.

  16. Characters that I love most about C. S. Lewis “Jack” are as follows:

    1. Generous. He gave half of his wealth to widows and orphans after his death. The other half went to his stepson, Douglas Gresham. Jack kept his promise to his beloved wife that he would treat his stepsons as his own.

    2. Promise keeper. He took good care of Mrs. Moore and Maureen Moore after he returned to England from the WWI because of his promise to his roommate, Paddy Moore who killed in the battle.

    3. Godly man who was teachable and humble…

  17. In 1954 Lewis accepted the chair of Medieval and Renaissance Literature at Magdalene College, Cambridge University.

  18. C.S. Lewis and his colleague J.R.R. Tolkien along with their literary group the Inklings would always meet at a pub called The Eagle and the Child which is also known as The Bird and the Baby.

  19. C S Lewis and J R R Tolkien were really good friends. They were members of the same group of writers.

  20. C.S. Lewis wrote many Christian non-fiction books which include Mere Christianity, the Screwtape Letters, and Surprised by Joy. Some of the excerpts of these books were used in the recently published C.S. Lewis Bible. Tolkien and Lewis were also friends, however, Tolkien did not approve of C.S. Lewis’s style of writing and how Narnia was eclectic.

  21. Jack (CS) was a member of the Inklings, an atheist until about age 30, taught at Oxford and Cambridge, had a complicated friendship with Tolkien and was Surprised by Joy rather late in life.

  22. During World War II, C.S. Lewis gave several highly popular radio broadcasts about Christianity, which caused many people to convert to Christianity.

  23. He died on the same day as the John F. Kennedy assassination, the day before the premier broadcast of Doctor Who.

  24. Lewis was a novelist,poet,medievalist,literary critic,essayist,lay theologian and Cristhian apologist.
    On November 22, 1963 , exactly one week before his 65th birthday, Lewis collapsed in his bedroom at 5:30 pm and died few minutes later.

  25. The 24th letter from Screwtape was published today (10/10) in 1941 in The Guardian. The theme was Spiritual Pride.

  26. At Magdalen College he joined the group known as The Inklings, an informal collective of writers and intellectuals. It was through conversations with group members that Lewis found himself re-embracing Christianity after having become disillusioned with the faith as a youth.

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