NarniaCast Ep 6 – The Magician’s Nephew (guest: Dr. Lou Markos)

NarniaCast MNThis is the sixth episode of NarniaCast, a mini-series looking at the world of Narnia created by C.S. Lewis.
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We’re doing just one show for each Narnia book. Co-hosts for the shows are William O’Flaherty, Paul Martin and Dr. Crystal Hurd. 

Dr. Lou Markos discusses The Magician’s in this program. Feel free to leave questions or comments below. 

Each show is divided into the following segments:

  1. The Story Behind the Story
  2. Short Summary of the Book
  3. Favorite Characters Discussion
  4. Unique Aspects of this Story
  5. General Discussion (a variety of questions related to the book)



10 thoughts on “NarniaCast Ep 6 – The Magician’s Nephew (guest: Dr. Lou Markos)

  1. It looks like the post may not be tagged correctly. This episode isn’t showing up in the rss feed.

    1. Unfortunately there were some problems with hosting audio on the Middle Earth Network, where the feed comes from. So, as a temporary thing I hosted the audio at another location so those who visit the page can still get it.
      As soon as the issue is resolved the audio will be put in the regular place and be available via the rss feed…but things are out of my hands.

      1. Everything is fix on the hosting audio end and so it should being showing up in the rss feed now.

  2. I always enjoy hniearg comments on books I enjoy a great deal. Unlike you, I consider The Magician’s Nephew to be among my favorites in the Chronicles of Narnia. I guess I identify with Digory and Polly’s “exploring” and their petty squabbles a good deal (not now, of course, but from my childhood), and that provides some of the appeal to me.

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