NarniaCast Ep 7 – The Silver Chair Movie Chat #1 (Various Guests)

NarniaCast SC MOVIEAs you may know, on October 1st Douglas Gresham announced  The Sliver Chair will be the next movie. While this news was not totally unexpected, it was unclear as to when we would hear news of a Narnia 4. Therefore, the planned release of the 7th book discussion on The Last Battle has been delayed. On October 14th William O’Flaherty gathered together some of the previous guests on NarniaCast to talk about the movie announcement.

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The following is the first of a two-part chat with Dr. Charlie Starr, Dr. Devin Brown, Dr. Bruce Edwards, Dr. Crystal Hurd and Paul Martin. Each program is about 30 minutes.



4 thoughts on “NarniaCast Ep 7 – The Silver Chair Movie Chat #1 (Various Guests)

  1. Gotta echo the overall mixed expectations. Regardless, looking forward to anticipating another Narnia film with all of you.

    Please no Tilda Swinton in this movie. I would seriously considering not seeing the film if she was cast.

    I do not see Eustace as the protagonist here. I see SC as very much Jill’s story. At the beginning of the story, Jill has nowhere to turn. No leaders at school, no friends, and she’s also the only one of the seven friends of Narnia whose parents are never mentioned. So it’s hardly surprising when she has a really hard time trusting this mysterious and intimidating lion. At its heart, I think SC is this damaged girl’s journey learning to trust again. She’s one of my favorite characters and I hope they keep her at the center.

    I was thinking about the owl scene the other day, and I think it might be difficult to sell the idea that the owls could hold the weight of the kids. It’s one thing to just say it happened in a book. It’s another thing to actually visualize and sell the physics of it.

    Really hoping they don’t water down the ending with the bullies, haha! But I have a feeling they will.

    1. Good point about Jill; you make a good argument that it is her story…her journey to learn to trust again; I hadn’t thought of it that way before. But, Eustace’s role is obviously big; he gets to further prove that he has changed.

      I would almost suggest we start a petition to NOT have Swinton in the movie, but it SHOULD be obvious to NOT…yet, sometimes the obvious is not what you get (or hope not to get).

      Good point, too about the owl scene…I’m not going to lose any sleep over that type of change. As you say in your video (note to other readers to click on “glumPuddle” under his picture to see it on YouTube), it will be hard to make Puddleglum as Lewis describes him without CGI.

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